KMM Corp Location Add

Clone an individual location’s page, and modify with info for new location:
Page name to City, ST
Permalink to city-st
Modify location address, phone number and contact info with provided information

For the location map, open a new window to and put in the new address. Once the location appears, click on the SHARE link, then ‘EMBED MAP’.
Copy the highlighted code, switch back to the new location’s page, and paste the maps code into the Google Maps module on the page.

Publish that page, copy it’s permalink so you can link to it from the main locations page, then go into the ‘Locations’ page to edit.

View the locations page on the front end to verify where on the page the new location needs to be inserted (They are alphabetical by city name).

On the back-end, insert a place for the new location by duplicating an existing item and re-arranging as necessary.

When editing the info, use text mode in the editor as all the text is white.
Add the address and primary phone number in the text module, and paste the link to the new location page in the button module.

Add the provided image as the background image on the COLUMN you’re editing, and set the background size from Theme Defaults to COVER.

Save the page, and view on front end to make sure it all works and matches the others.
Go in to layerslider, into the Locations slideshow.

Duplicate a marker, name it City, ST.
Move the marker over the approximate city location.
Switch to the ‘Link & Attributes’ tab for the marker, and paste the new location page’s link in the url field.


Lastly, go to Appearance – Menus.

Add the new location’s page to the Contact – Locations submenu, and change it’s label to ST – City