No need for visual composer. Simply paste the content.

Make sure subheadings are bold and individual bullets are actually bullets in WP (not using word settings).
Check for word wraps and natural flow on the front end.

make sure ‘apply here’ link is included, client does not always provide.

<p>If you are interested in working in the exciting and growing world of telecommunications, <a href=””>apply here</a>.</p>

Removals/Changes must be done on both KMM corp and eConnect

Style Elements:

All subheads are ALL CAPS and BOLD and end with a colon
All bullets end with ;
Next to last bullet in each section ; and
Unless bullets are not inclusive to ALL items
Check with client before editing and adding ; and

Double check for two spaces after periods (should only be 1)
Double check for commas and readability

Page Settings:

Page Header Options:
Fancy Title

Fancy Title Options
Left title + right breadcrumbs
Breadcrumbs: disabled
Title: Generic Title
Title font size: h2
Background color: #898989
Height (px): 125

Back button: Careers

Right Elements

Format: Standard
Categories: Jobs
Sidebar Options: Disabled
Page Margins
Top (in px): 20