Blog post instructions/tips

1) From the admin menu, click Posts, Add New OR from the TOP menu, click +NEW, Posts

2) Create title: Use title from word document.  Note: You can use <i></i> tags if words need to be italicized (movie screenings)

3) Copy and past content UP TO “Focus Keyword” at the bottom of the doc.  DO NOT INCLUDE THESE ITEMS. They are for Yoast and will be addressed later

4) Format as needed.  Be sure to check the word wraps and look for any extra code that may  have been embedded by Microsoft Word.

  • Remove extra spaces between rows
  • subheads are H3

5) Include any inline imagery. To do this:

  • Put your cursor wherever you’d like to place the image.
  • Click “Add Media” button.
  • Upload any imagery
    • Click Blogs category
    • Add AlText that is readable by a human
  • Click “insert into Post
  • If content does NOT wrapped nicely, click on image and choose the first or third icon (justify left with word wrap or justify right with word wrap).  Since the Featured Image will be on the left of the content, generally the first inline image is on the right.

6) Choose Categories

  • Community
  • STATE that is mentioned in the blog
  • City(ies) that is/are mentioned in the blog
  • If spotlighting an Employee, choose Employee Spotlight as well.

7) Featured Image: Click “Set Featured Image”  and upload an image (see above instructions).  If no Featured Image is provided, use one of two Generic Intrepid images

  • Featured Image Size:  Best size for Featured Image is 795px x597px

8) Sidebar options:  Choose Right

  • Add Focus Keyword
  • Change Meta Description if needed
  • Be cognizant of the difference between HOME HEALTH and HOSPICE and edit accordingly

10) Click Update

11) View post and double check spacing and formatting.