FreshIdeas Marketing Solutions can manage all aspects of your social media presence. Social media is a vital ingredient in the overall marketing portfolio –  affecting everything from your brand strategy to customer service.

Social media is one of the most cost-effective strategies over any other traditional form of display advertising. People form connections with brands on a social level with page interactions, sharing of content, referring with a few clicks, commenting on feeds and more.

The goal of every social media campaign should be increased brand awareness, sales, new customer acquisition, and increased customer loyalty. But an effective campaign requires an investment in time and effort. Managing posts, customer comments and reviews, and content curation can quickly overtake your workday. Time and employee resources are precious commodities for many businesses. We help you free up both with our hands-free approach to social media so you can concentrate on your core business.

FreshIdeas Marketing Solutions will generate content, interact with customers, curate and share relevant content, manage ad campaigns and engage potential customers. We will help build your social brand while generating demand for your product or service.

  • Engage Customers and Drive Sales

    With creative and engaging content, your potential customers will be encouraged to connect with your brand…and your services.

  • Customized Profiles and Account Creation

    A consistent brand across all platforms is critical to successful brand management. We design covers with your brand in mind and update your profiles with your key messages.

  • Brand Monitoring

    We use cutting-edge social media tools to detect and record every mention of your brand and help you uncover new revenue opportunities in the social stratosphere. By listening to your customers, we detect positive and negative mentions and address them accordingly.

  • Metrics and Reporting

    While having thousands of likes and flocks of fans are nice – who doesn’t love fans! – but knowing if those fans are converting is even more important. We measure your social media interactions to the metrics that matter – revenue, conversions or leads.

Get Your Share of 1.7 Billion Customers

Number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide as of 2nd quarter 2016,